4 Ways To Enhance Space And Privacy In Your Studio Apartment

Posted on: 31 March 2016

No matter how cozy and quaint your studio apartment is, space can become a concern. Additionally, the lack of a separate bedroom can be an adjustment. Before you move into your apartment, consider ways to make your space feel larger and accommodate your different needs.

Keep Your Bed Simple

The traditional bed frame, mattress, and box spring can take up too much space and are unnecessary. Use a metal platform bed to replace both the frame and box spring. Most models are designed with enough clearance so you can make use of the space under the bed for storage. This is an ideal location to store items you infrequently use, such as seasonal clothes and bedding. You can purchase brackets to attach a headboard and footboard to the metal platform. However, you may find they are unnecessary and just take up space.

You might want to consider purchasing a mattress from an online retailer. Some mattresses are vacuum-sealed and rolled up to reduce the supplier's shipping costs. Once you have unboxed the mattress, you simply remove the plastic packaging and allow it to expand to its original size. One advantage of choosing this type of mattress is it is easier to maneuver in tight spaces. You never want to order a standard mattress online or from your local furniture store to find out it is nearly impossible to fit through a narrow staircase or door. If you find this type of mattress is on the thinner side, simply add a mattress pad.

Use Room Dividers

Room dividers can give you a sense of privacy, even if you are the only one in your apartment. Since many room dividers can be folded and stored, they do not take up much space. Having physical barriers throughout your studio apartment can make each area feel like it has a dedicated purpose. If you want your room dividers to serve additional functions, you can easily use the divider as a substitute for a wall. Use repositionable wall adhesive to hang lightweight objects, such as a calendar or dry erase board. This way you will feel less like the divider is simply consuming valuable space.

Wall Mounted Electronics

Since many people have transitioned to flat-screen televisions, wall mounting is a popular way to save space and make the TV easier to view. Additionally, you may want to wall mount a monitor for your laptop or desktop computer. You only need a small table for your keyboard or laptop to complete your work area. Since many computers have HDMI connections, your television can double as an external monitor to save space. If you will use your TV as a computer monitor, use a wall mounting system that allows you to rotate the TV and view it from different angles or areas of your apartment as needed.

Find Multifunction Kitchen Items

If you have many small appliances, you need to find ways to consolidate the number of appliances you have while continuing to meet your cooking and food preparation needs. For example, many people enjoy making smoothies with their blender, but use a food processor to chop vegetables and make other foods. Consider investing in a high-end blender to save space. Some high-end blenders can act much like a juicer, blender, and food processor.

Similarly, slow cookers can serve multiple functions. Some can reach a high temperature that will allow you to sear meats in addition to making full meals. If you enjoy convenience foods, mug meals are a popular option to make use of your microwave. Learning to be creative in the way you cook foods can reduce the number of appliances and large pieces of cookware you need to purchase and store.

Although the smaller space of a studio apartment may be an adjustment for people who are downsizing, it can also feel cozy and secure. A few modification will make your apartment feel less cluttered and more functional.