Stylishly Smaller And Retirement-Ready: Finding The Right Real Estate For Your Active Senior Lifestyle

Posted on: 11 July 2016

It was great having a big house and yard in the suburbs when you were raising a family and pursuing a rewarding career. But now that the kids are off on their own and retirement is approaching, it's very noticeable how much of your time – and money – is spent maintaining the large property. So you've made the decision to sell and move into a smaller, more manageable place where you can enjoy your retirement years. Like many members of the Baby Boomer generation, you may be considering downsizing to an active retirement lifestyle community as the ideal option. Your real estate agent can help you find a setting with the housing style, the amenities and the location to match your budget and lifestyle choices.

Suburban Settings: Comfortably Familiar With Far Less Work

Freehold, detached bungalows are the mainstay of suburban retirement communities. A suburban retirement community is suitable if the priorities for your increased free time due to retirement include:

  • Socializing. Find a community with a large, well-appointed clubhouse where activities ranging from book club meetings to card games to parties give you ample opportunity to mingle with neighbors and make new friends.
  • Physical fitness. Look for a retirement complex with a well-equipped fitness center and a pool. You'll be able to swim laps, lift weights and run miles on a treadmill, all within a few steps of your own front door.
  • Peaceful surroundings: Choose a community with lovely landscaping that you can enjoy without having to maintain it. Seek a property with sufficient space for courtyards, picnic areas and shaded seating areas where you can linger outdoors even though you don't have a big yard yourself anymore.

Urban Settings: The Convenience of Center City Living

Condos, apartments and townhouses are all the rage for downtown retirement living. Low-maintenance and typically equipped with safety and security systems, senior living communities in the city are ideal when your priorities include:

  • Culture and entertainment. You'll have easy access to theater and music performances, sporting events, libraries, recreational activities, shopping and dozens of delicious options for dining.
  • Convenient transportation. With easy access to the public transportation and taxicab services available in the city, you'll rarely need to use your car. And if it's a major city, you'll be near an airport if exploring far-away destinations is part of the lifestyle you choose.
  • Medical care. In the city, you'll be within close proximity of a wide range of medical specialists and healthcare facilities – an important consideration that comes with aging.

Golf and Waterfront Settings: Luxury Living With Comfort and Style

Retirement communities that cater to golfers and boating enthusiasts may have a premium price, but the close proximity to a golf course or marina can make your investment well worthwhile. In retirement, you'll have ample time to improve your golf swing, fish or simply relax on your boat as it gently rocks on the waves. Housing for sale in these communities ranges from luxurious single-level bungalows to townhouse-style condominiums, many with gorgeous views. Seek this type of retirement housing to satisfy priorities including:

  • Resort atmosphere. Enjoy on-site clubs and hobby groups, organized trips to cultural events, easy access to biking, hiking and running trails, and a high level of service from the management team.
  • Exclusivity. Many of these complexes are gated communities, offering a high level of exclusivity and security.
  • Lock-and-leave service. If you enjoy the snowbird lifestyle, heading south to warmer climates in the winter, look for a community with lock-and-leave service to take care of the property while you are absent.

As you set up the new lifestyle for your retirement years, rely on your real estate specialist to hone in on the properties that are the best match for your priorities as an active senior.