Are You New To Being A Landlord? Learn More About Property Issues That Are Real Emergencies

Posted on: 12 August 2016

If you have recently bought your first rental properties, you may be excited and looking forward to earning a passive income. However, if you have purchased property that required repairs and upgrades, taking the time to renovate the property is a good idea. If you have finished your renovations and rented out your property, you need to know about some of the property issues that would be considered a real repair emergency. This is especially true for property that has been recently remodeled with new materials and hardware like pipes and electrical outlets. Check out some the problems you should check about right away.

Gas Leaks Can Be Deadly           

Rental properties with gas heat or stoves can be the ones you may get calls from about the smell of gas. If someone in the home smells gas, it could be a leak that is deadly. However, it could be something as simple as the pilot light going out in the heater as well. No matter what the reason is for a gas smell in the home, visiting to make sure its source is extremely important to prevent serious loss of life and property damage. When a tenant calls you about a gas smell in the home, be sure to tell that person not have any open flames indoors. You may be surprised how many people would unknowingly light a cigarette or candle despite the smell of gas being in the home.

Electrical Problems That Pose Serious Danger          

Some problems with the power in one of your rental properties may not be serious or life-threatening. For example, if a tenant calls you saying the ceiling light in the kitchen stopped working, you may be surprised to find only a blown bulb that needs to be replaced. However, when a tenant calls you and says the plug on their coffee maker melted to the outlet, it could be a serious electrical issue, one that may require professional attention. When you receive calls about electrical problems, asking questions about it before you pack up your tools and go to make repairs is a good idea.

Some Clogged Pipes Can Produce Unhealthy Problems

Getting a call about a clogged sink drain may not qualify as an emergency repair. However, if you get repeated calls from the tenant about drainage problems, you could be dealing with a problem that could lead to sewage back-up in the home. If you have a tenant with constant issues about the sinks draining properly or that person is experiencing one clog after another, you need to have a look. Making sure the main lines going to the sewer are not clogged with grease or other debris like hair is important to prevent property damage from sewage back-up. Also, if the sewer backs up into a rental property and one of your tenants gets sick from it, you could be looking at law suit for medical expenses.

Even though the property you are renting may be recently remodeled, you might still see repairs issues later one. Learning which repair calls can be considered emergency repairs can help you save a lot of time, money, and frustration in the future of being a landlord. Contact companies like Choice  Maintenance Group LLC for more information or assistance.