Moving Away? Rent Your Home And Use A Residential Property Manager

Posted on: 18 January 2017

When many people think of those who work in residential property management, they think about people who manage the day-to-day business of large-scale rental properties such as apartment buildings. However, it's also possible to hire a residential property manager to oversee the rental of your home. If you're thinking of selling and have the financial capability to maintain ownership of your current home and turn it into a rental property, a property manager can be the right professional to help you in this effort. This is especially handy if you're moving out of town and the idea of renting a house a considerable distance from where you live seems daunting. Here are some jobs that your residential property manager can do for you.

Advertise For Tenants

You might love the idea of a rental property but loathe the thought of advertising for tenants, evaluating them, and then eventually offering your property to someone. A residential property manager can take care of all these duties for you — which is especially handy if you no longer live in the area. This professional will keep you apprised of his or her efforts — and you'll still have the right to make any important decisions, given that it's your property — but will manage the necessary tasks that will find the right tenant for you.

Serve As The First Point Of Contact

Whether there's a question about the rent, a problem with the plumbing, or something else on your tenant's mind, you may not want to receive a panicked phone call or email. Fortunately, your residential property manager can serve as the first point of contact. This person will be highly skilled in dealing with the various issues that tenants may face and can provide you with the necessary details without burdening you. You'll want to hire a property manager who can make some decisions without your input; for example, someone who will know the right contractor to call in the event of a problem with the house.

Ensure Upkeep Is Performed

A rental property should have regular upkeep projects completed. When your tenant leaves, you don't want to have the property empty for a long period of time while work is performed. Your residential property manager will keep tabs on what needs to be done around the house and, with your consent and input, hire the right professionals to ensure that everything stays in proper shape.