Is Living on the Water Right for You?

Posted on: 3 March 2017

If you've come across a beautiful marina apartment for rent, you may be tempted to put down a security deposit and move in next weekend. Dreams of living on the water can easily overtake you. However, you really need to put some thought into this decision before making your move. Living on the water has its pros and its cons, and you don't want to discover it's not for you after you move in. Here's a look at the pros and cons of waterfront living.

Pro: You'll have a beautiful view.

If you're the kind of person whose mood is heavily dependent on your surroundings, then waterfront living may be a good choice for you. Especially if your bedroom is located on the waterfront side of the apartment, you can start each day looking out onto the water. If you ever need to re-center yourself and remind yourself how beautiful and vast the world is, you can look out onto the water or the beach without having to drive across town.

Pro: You'll be near a lot of fun activities.

When you live right on the water, you're typically in close vicinity to activities like kayaking, surfing, and sunbathing. You won't have a hard time finding things to do, and friends will surely want to come over to enjoy your waterfront apartment with you. 

Con: The apartment will be prone to wind damage.

Waterfront areas can get pretty windy, especially when big storms blow in. Since you'll be renting rather than owning the property, you don't need to worry about paying for repairs when a storm blows through and removes shingles from the roof or siding from the walls. However, you will have to deal with the landlord and construction team coming in to make repairs. If having construction workers around bothers you, then you may want to live further inland where there's less wind damage.

Con: Sand will end up in the apartment.

If you hate cleaning, a waterfront apartment may present a small frustration. When you come in from walking on the beach, you'll track in some sand. When you leave a window open for a few minutes, some sand might blow in. You'll need to clean regularly to keep the sand at bay or hire a cleaning company to take care of this for you.

If you do not mind cleaning or having someone around making repairs, then living on the waterfront can be a truly lovely experience. Talk to a realtor near you to start looking at marina apartments.