Three Tips For Living In An Apartment With Kids

Posted on: 9 March 2017

Many young adults assume that by the time they have kids, they'll own spacious, suburban homes. But this is not always the case. Whether due to timing, financial constraints, or location, many parents end up raising their children in apartments rather than in single-family homes. The lack of space is not nearly as much of a constraint as you might think — especially if you utilize these tips for living in an apartment with kids.

Move to a new apartment if necessary.

Try to escape the mindset that you are "stuck" in a certain apartment. If the apartment you're in really does feel overly cramped or is in a dangerous neighborhood, get in touch with a realtor who specializes in rentals. Chances are they can find you something better for about the same price you're paying now. You may have to be willing to sacrifice some things like an updated kitchen or hardwood floors, but when you're a parent, these things are not your priority. Space, safety, and access to playgrounds are more important.

Get rid of items as your kids outgrow them.

Kids cycle through a lot of stuff. They move on from toys and acquire new ones, and they grow out of clothing so fast. If you had a larger home, boxing items up and setting them aside once your kids are done with them might be an option, but in an apartment, saving these things will just take of valuable space and leave your home feeling cluttered.

So, get into the habit of going through your kids' items and packing up ones they're done with every three months or so. Send these off to a storage unit, give them away to friends, sell them, or donate them to charity. You'll have more space left for the things your kids do use.

Participate in activities outside the home.

When your living space is smaller, making more of an effort to spend time outside the space will keep you and the kids from feeling too claustrophobic. Make an effort to spend more time at the park, walking around town, and visiting local play places rather than staying in and playing in the living room. You and your kids can also join local clubs and organizations, giving you more opportunities to get out of the home.

Living in an apartment with kids does have its challenges, but if you're conscious about how you use the space, your family will be just as happy as if you were in a large suburban house. For more information, contact local professionals like Kirkwood Village Apartments.