The Most Common Areas To Find Brand New Homes

Posted on: 4 June 2017

With the urban sprawl being what it is, you would think that there is no land left anywhere in the U.S. where new homes can be built. On the contrary, because of the massive size of this country, there is more land here than in most other countries and nations around the world, short of Russia and Canada. That said, there are acres and acres of land available on which you can build your new dream house. You just have to know where to look:

Farm Country in the Midwest

Farmers in the Midwest are abandoning ship. Their children are getting out of the farming business too, leaving behind their parents' farms for something more "modern." When the old farmers leave or pass away, all of this farmland is sold to the highest bidder, which is usually real estate companies or land developers. If you do not mind the idea of living somewhere less urban, move to the Midwest and look for old farmland for sale. There is plenty of it available!

Desert Country down South

You may be thinking to yourself, "WHO would want to live in the desert?" However, since most people are thinking the same thing, that means that all of that vast desert space in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and parts of Texas and Southern California are all for the taking. You could adapt, irrigate the land with water, turning it into a green oasis all your own. Many ranchers down here have done the same for over a century, so you can too if you do not mind the dry heat during the day and extreme temperature drops at night.

Mountain Land

You cannot own a mountain, or so they say. However, the land at the feet of the mountain ranges is always up for grabs. The prettiest land parcels have little rivers or brooks running through them. With your home set against a backdrop of mountains and a little river running past it, it is one of the most ieal places to live. You will, however, have to ask the real estate agents in mountain range states where to find these parcels. Sometimes they are a carefully guarded secret because other parties may be interested with the intent of turning the land into vineyards. (That is a very popular thing to do with the land in fertile, rich valley soil, and residents often hold bidding wars for it.)