3 Reasons To Rent A Vacation Condo Over The Hotel

Posted on: 7 June 2017

There are many options out there for housing while vacationing. In the past it used to be that you only had a motel or hotel as an option, but now you can get so many great things, such as condos that are rented out by the day, week or month. Many people choose to rent a condo rather than stay at a hotel or motel. Here are some of the benefits at staying in a condo vacation rental rather than a hotel.

1. More Space For Your Buck

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to say in a condo vacation rental is because it offers you more space for your dollar. If you are trying to house a good number of people, even 4 people or more, it can be hard to find hotel accommodations that are comfortable. You don't have enough privacy or room to spread out, and it can be expensive to get multiple hotel rooms. With a condo rental you can get condos that have multiple rooms, bathrooms, and a living area. When you break down the amount that it costs per person, it can be a lot cheaper than trying to get a hotel.

2. You Have More Amenities

Another reason why condo rentals are so popular is because they have more amenities. When you stay at a hotel you generally have a bathroom and a bed. If you are luck you can get one with a fridge or maybe a small kitchenette, but you will have to pay more for it. With a condo it is like an apartment. You generally have a kitchen to yourself as well as plenty of space. Most condos have other things such as a more private swimming pool, grass area, better parking and so forth. When you factor in how much money you can save by being able to prepare your own meals and having more entertainment, you could actually save money by staying in a condo.

3. Long Term Use

Lastly, many people rent condos, such as from Poole & Associates Investments, Inc, because it allows you to stay places longer for a cheaper price. You can rent a condo for a week, or even a month if needed for cheaper than what you would pay per night in a hotel. Usually you will get discounts for the longer you stay, which means that if you need a place to stay for an extended period of time a condo is the way to go.