How To Sell Land: Features That Create A Faster Sale

Posted on: 7 June 2017

If you have some land for sale, it is smarter to advertise what, if any, its special features are. To just say, "land for sale," leaves potential buyers hanging, and they are less likely to check it out. Instead, list any of the following features (if your property includes them), and you will find that your land sells much faster.

Bodies of Water

A river, brook, stream, or lake is of special importance to anyone who is considering buying land to raise livestock or horses. If your land has any of these features, it is golden to buyers. If your land is located on the edge of a lake, it is considered waterfront property and is of even greater value because it is "luxury" property. 

Trees or Wooded Areas

Trees mean that the buyer does not have to plant any of his or her own trees. The property already has them. If the property is rather large and comes with wooded areas, so much the better. If you can list how many acres of the property are covered by trees and/or woods versus the amount of property without trees, that helps the buyers figure out if your land is the right piece of property for them.


If there are some small hills on the property, people seem to like that. Hills give kids something to play on in the winter and a means of stretching and strengthening your muscles in the summer. If you have a land surveyor out to view the features of the property, be sure to ask him/her the height and width of the hills on your property because buyers will want to know.

Flat, Landscaped Areas

The big thing with most buyers is that your land has a place on which they can immediately start building. A flat, landscaped area with fresh grass or sod that is at least the size of a medium-sized house is what they are looking for. While you cannot list the sizes of every feature of the property, it is still important that you list this feature, in case the buyers want to build a house on the landscaped area of the property.

Need Help Describing the Property?

If you are at a loss as to what features to include in the lot description, ask a real estate agent. He or she can help you describe your land for sale in a very effective manner. If you so choose, the real estate agent can list the property for you too.