Hosting An Open House: 3 Tips To Keeping Your Home Clean Despite Heavy Traffic

Posted on: 14 June 2017

Most potential buyers are eager to at least get a viewing of the listings that they are interested in before deciding whether or not they'd like to put in an offer. Approximately 48% of all buyers attended at least one open house in their search for the perfect place to call home. When hosting an open house, one of your primary concerns may be that your house can easily become a mess from all of the traffic. Here are 3 tips that can help you out.

Ask All Visitors to Remove Shoes at Entrances

The bottom of shoes can trek quite a bit of mud and dirt all over the home. Ask your visitors to remove their shoes at the entrances and either go barefoot or wear slippers that you have provided instead. This will help keep your floors, especially your carpet, clean and free of dirt.

Restrict Snacks and Drinks to the Kitchen

It's not unusual for most realtors to suggest leaving snacks and drinks out for the guests. This simply makes the open house a more positive experience, and makes the home appear more inviting. While leaving snacks and drinks for guests may be a good idea, restrict where they can eat to the kitchen. This will prevent crumbs from showing up all over your home. In addition, try to provide snacks and drinks that are easy to eat and are not likely to make a mess.

Set Up a Room for Young Kids

Some potential home buyers may bring their kids with them to view your open house. In most situations, the kids don't tend to provide a lot of input; however, they may run around your home and leave their fingerprints all over your windows and tables or make minor messes. One of the best solutions to combat this is to simply set up a room for the kids to hang out in. Have a television in the room or other types of toys to keep the children preoccupied. Find an adult to help supervise the room while the adults view the home.


Open houses are a great way for drawing interest to your home. It gives the potential buyers an opportunity to envision a life in your home. However, with a lot of traffic also comes the potential for a lot of mess. It's vital that you and your real estate agent take steps to protect your home from getting dirty.