When Are You Ready to Move Out of a Starter Home?

Posted on: 12 July 2017

When you are just about ready to move out of your starter home, you might find yourself looking at properties more and more frequently. But what is the final push that shows you are ready to move into a nice, single family home rather than the smaller place you're in now? Here are some signs.

You Make More Money

If it's ten years since you chose your home, and you make significantly more money now, you may be selling yourself short in terms of your quality of living. If you're perfectly happy in a smaller home, that's great, but a significant increase in income is often taken as a sign that it's time to start looking at bigger and better homes for sale.

You've Got a Long-Term Employer

It's also not uncommon for someone to move to be closer to a long-term employer. Your commute time is something that takes minutes or hours off of your day, every single workday. So, it's not too far-fetched to move to be only a short drive from the office. That is a great move if you know that you will be at the same employer for years to come; just imagine what you can do with an extra half hour per day. You could learn a new language, get in shape, or spend more time with family.

Your Family Size Has Changed

Another sign that it's time to move is when your family size has changed. If you plan to need more rooms or more space to accommodate a new family member, it's a good idea to move before it becomes an issue, rather than after. Even if your family size hasn't changed, it's still valid to consider a move if several family members now require more space. A family of two teens and two adults will require more space than a family with two small toddlers.

The Market Is Hot

Sometimes, outside factors dictate when you decide to make a move. Having a great real estate market spring up in your area is a perfect reason to consider moving. Some people consider the real estate market for years and make strategic purchases to move their family upward in terms of housing quality, without taking out excessive loans.

You Want To

In the end, you don't really need a reason to chase your dream home. A smaller home to start with may be prudent, but at some point, wouldn't it be nice to have a space that you truly love?