Problems With Viewing A House For Sale? Some Solutions

Posted on: 27 July 2017

Taking a walk through your neighborhood, you are likely to see many houses for sale. Maybe you'll decide to buy a house and you'll start looking. However, when you finally find one you really want to see, you might find it is impossible to find it online. What do you do? Here are some solutions.

Check General Real Estate Sites

There are websites belonging to real estate agencies, and then there are general real estate agencies. The latter will post any and all homes for sale, regardless of who is selling them, and when they came on the market. When you cannot find the house in question on an agency's website, you can find the house on one of these websites.

Find out If the Owner Still Lives in the House

A simple drive-by the property you are interested in will tell you if the property is still occupied, or if the owner has vacated and is selling it from a distance. Driving by also avoids the social awkwardness of walking up to the house and knocking on the door. You should be able to see from the street if the lights are on, anyone is home, or if there is a realty sign in the yard.

Look for Signs of a Real Estate Agency's Involvement

If you do a drive-by and spot a real estate agency's sign in the yard or one of those special agency locks on the front door, then you know you can look it up via the agency. However, that does not always work either, since some agencies do not post really old or really new listings until it is past sixty days from the first day of sale or there is renewed interest in the property. Your best bet is to go to the local office and speak with its real estate agents.

Get a Real Estate Agent's Help

Getting a real estate agent to unlock the house and let you tour it does not mean you are forming a bonding contract with the agent. Unless you officially hire an agent to help you find a home, an agent that just agrees to meet you at a property to open a house is just that; a meeting. However, if you decide you definitely want to purchase this house and its property, then you enter into an agreement with the agent to secure his/her services to help you buy the house from the owner.