Want To Sell Your Home Fast? Try These 3 Creative Strategies

Posted on: 28 July 2017

It can be frustrating to have a home for sale in a buyer's market. The longer your home sits on the market without getting an offer, the more money it costs you, and the more it delays moving on to your new home. But it is possible to get that home sold. Take a look at some creative marketing strategies that can help you hook interested buyers and close the deal.

Make Engaging Videos

Videos are simple to make and free to upload to high-traffic internet sites like YouTube, so why not use that to showcase your home? A video can be much more engaging than still pictures, and you can even narrate to point out your favorite features of your home in your on-camera walk-through. Your knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, your house will help get buyers interested.

You can even go beyond the borders of your property if you want. Does your neighborhood have beautiful scenic views, convenient shopping centers, or close proximity to fun attractions? Then don't just say that in the listing – take a walk around the area with a camera and show potential buyers why moving into your neighborhood would be such a great deal.

Plan a Unique Open House

In a buyer's market, open houses might be a dime a dozen. Why should potential buyers come to yours? Plan an open house that has a theme or hook that's likely to draw in more interested buyers.

For example, if you're trying to sell your house in the middle of a hot summer, advertise an open house featuring an ice cream sundae bar. Are you a morning person? Plan a morning coffeehouse open house, and bring in coffees and pastries from your favorite local coffee shop – buyers can stop in early and get their caffeine jolt while they explore the house.

Offer Buyers a Gift

Hopefully you set your listing price with negotiation in mind – you probably will to take somewhat less than the advertised price in order to close the deal. Typically, the seller will knock a few thousand dollars off the price or offer to pay the closing costs. But instead of doing those things, try offering a free gift with purchase instead.

For instance, you might offer to pay for a year of maid service, a brand-new couch or dining room set, or a weekend vacation up to a certain value. If you were willing to come down on the price by a few thousand dollars anyway, why not use those few thousand dollars to buy something that will entice the buyer to take the deal? They'll have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands to buy the house no matter what, and when the price tag is that high, a discount of a few thousand can feel like peanuts. However, offering something of value that's disconnected from the price of the house can help make a buyer feel like they've scored a great deal, even if it amounts to the same thing as just coming down on the price from your end.

Make sure that you work with a real estate agent who understands the local market. A good real estate agent can help your brainstorm creative ideas and promote them so that they get the attention of buyers searching in your area.