Successful Staging: 3 Inexpensive Ideas To Showcase Your Home

Posted on: 16 August 2017

According to the National Association of Realtors, 77 percent of buyers' agents said that their clients found it easier to picture themselves in their future homes when viewing staged homes. So whether you need to sell quickly to relocate or have time to wait for the best offer, it's imperative to create a welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to as many buyers as possible. But you don't have to spend a fortune to present your home in the best possible light.

Focus on the Foyer

The entryway will be the first thing your buyers see, and first impressions are important. Put away your coats, shoes and keys and position a small table near your front door with a sleek vase or an interesting sculpture. Pick up a new rug if yours is worn out, choosing neutral colors and a subtle design.

Make Your Bathroom Bright

Change any dim bulbs with bright, clear ones so buyers see your bathroom as an ideal spot for getting ready. Clear your counters of any personal items and put out a glass tray of pillar candles or some silk flowers. Using light colored towels can go a long way in creating a fresh, modern look, so purchase some new, bright white towels to hang neatly on the your racks.

Pack Up the Personal Stuff

Buyers need to be able to envision how they'll add their own unique touches to your home to make it their own, so put your personal things in storage. This means family photos, sentimental collections and unique art pieces need to go for now. You're aiming for a spacious, clean look that's neither too sterile nor too eclectic.

Don't get rid of everything though. Your home should feel lived in, so leave bookcases and general decor items in place. Purchase inexpensive posters of neutral art prints you can frame and hang on your walls if your space is looking too bare after removing your photos. Small mirrors are also a good choice since they make rooms look bigger and add reflected light. You don't need a big showpiece. Big box retailers and even discount dollar stores often sell small mirrors in a variety of shapes that you can organize into a posh wall collage.

Working with a local realtor is an excellent way to bring in buyers. Your realtor can also help you with even more staging tips to show off your home's best features and downplay any flaws to help you sell quickly. For more information, contact a business such as Jeff Glover & Associates Realtors.