Buying A House: You Can Always Change The Yard!

Posted on: 29 August 2017

When you look at what may be your new house you have a vision for it. However, along with meeting that vision, you also want to make sure the house meets your comfort, style, and other needs as much as possible and this includes the yard. If your yard has dirt then you have a clean slate to work with.

You can keep the dirt, but most people don't like this idea because it can cause a lot of dust problems inside and mud issues each time the yard gets wet.  If you have found yourself trying to decide between grass or concrete, then you may want to think about some of the great things of each:

Reasons for planting grass in the yard

  • Grass looks wonderful when in good condition

When you have a yard full of bright green, thick and well-manicured grass it can really make the whole yard. You really don't even need to do any other landscaping for people to be jealous of your yard when you have a nice enough lawn!

  • Grass Is fun for pets and kids

Pets and kids generally prefer to play in yards that have grass. Dogs enjoy rolling in it, eating some of it and running around in it. Kids can rough house on the soft grass without worrying about getting hurt if they tumble or fall.

  • Grass is easy to care for

All you need to do to care for grass is make sure that it gets the right amount of water, is mowed regularly and that you prevent weeds from growing in it.

Reasons for having concrete laid in the yard

  • Concrete is truly maintenance free

Concrete can be completely 100% maintenance free as long as you don't do anything to dirty it up or park cars that leak fluid on it. There is no mowing, weeding or other work involved if you don't want to deal with it.

  • Concrete can clean up easily

Should you end up needing to clean up a concrete yard then it is very easy to do. A regular garden hose and nozzle should ordinarily do the job. However, if you did allow the concrete to get a bit dirtier or stained than you should have, then a power-washing can really bring it back to life for you.

  • Concrete can be a lot of fun

Concrete yards can have bikes, scooters, and skateboards smoothly ridden on them. They can be decorated from one side to the other with sidewalk chalk that will rinse right off with water from a hose. They can even provide the perfect yard for bouncing balls or playing marbles.

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