Buying A Vacation Cabin You've Never Visited: Three Helpful Tips

Posted on: 4 June 2019

Purchasing a vacation cabin is exciting, but for some people, the experience is also filled with some uncertainties. The idea of buying a cabin sight unseen in an area you're not familiar with feels somewhat frightening, but it doesn't have to be. There are things you can do to make a confident vacation cabin purchase, even from thousands of miles away.

1. Great Bones

Look for a property that has great bones. In terms of the exterior, a cabin with good bones has a solid foundation and a sturdy roof. As far as the inside of the property, you want to look for a cabin with decorative woodwork and beautiful detailing, rooms with an accommodating amount of square footage, and a floorplan that will be functional for your family. 

For any cabin, these features will be key to the level of comfort your family experiences once you're inside the space. A home inspection will ensure the structural bones are intact. Ask your agent to provide you with plenty of pictures of the cabin, beyond the stock photos, as well as a floorplan and square footage guide for all the rooms to check on the inside. 

2. Proximity to the Action

You've probably already considered whether or not the cabin is in an area full of activities and hobbies that your family enjoys. However, it's good to consider just how close to the fun the cabin is, especially if you want a more intimate experience.

A cabin right in the middle of town or another popular area will likely have more traffic than a cabin in a more secluded part of the area. If your family wants to get away from the city life and experience as much quiet time as possible while staying at the cabin, choosing a cabin on the outskirts is important. Collect as much information about the area around the cabin as you can.

3. Rental Market Information

If you plan to use the cabin as a part-time vacation property and a part-time rental property, collect information about the rental market beforehand. Some of the information you want to research is the average cost of a rental in the area, its proximity to major roads, and some of the unique features of the house that would make it more appealing to a renter.

Proximity to emergency services and shopping are also important details to review. Remember, the more conveniences the property offers, the more marketable it is. Make sure you consider this information before you buy. 

Your family will create many years of memories in your vacation cabin, so keep this idea in mind when searching for cabins for purchase.