The Key Advantages Of Renting A Townhome

Posted on: 21 October 2020

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, you have plenty of choices. You can help narrow down those choices by first deciding on the type of apartment you want to live in. You could live in a large building with four or more apartments. You could live in a duplex with separate top and bottom floors. Or, you could opt for a townhouse apartment. Although there is no right apartment choice for everyone, townhouse apartments do have a number of advantages that make them a smart choice for many renters.

You don't have to listen to upstairs neighbors — or worry about disturbing downstairs neighbors.

In a townhouse, you typically rent one side of the house, with both a top and a bottom floor. There aren't neighbors below you or above you. As such, you won't wake up at 2:00 am when an upstairs neighbor drops something on the floor. You won't have to tip-toe across the floor late at night to avoid disturbing the downstairs neighbors, either. In a townhouse, you only have neighbors on one side, and the wall between the two homes is usually made from soundproof material, so noise does not travel very much. You'll feel like you have more of your own space in a townhouse.

You'll have more privacy and quiet in the bedroom.

The two-floor layout of most townhouse apartments makes the bedrooms in these apartments more isolated. The bedrooms are usually on the top floor, and the shared spaces — living room, kitchen, bathroom — are downstairs. It's much easier for someone to sleep quietly upstairs while everyone else socializes below. In a one-floor apartment, the bedroom might be right next to the kitchen or living room, so it would be a lot noisier.

You'll have a shared, but semi-private yard.

Townhouses typically come with yards. There will be some space behind and in front of your home, and it will be shared between you and the people who rent the other side of the townhouse. While this is not as much yard space as you might have if you rented a whole house, it's a lot more outdoor space than you get in most apartment arrangements.

Townhouses are a great choice for most renters. Along with the benefits above, you typically also enjoy shared amenities within the community. Visit some townhouses for rent near you, and see what you think.