How To Attract Ranch Land Buyers To Your Property

Posted on: 19 March 2021

When you have ranch land to sell, you really only appeal to a certain type of audience, and this is people who are looking to buy ranch land for agricultural or farming use. You won't appeal much to a residential audience unless you have a home for sale along with the agricultural land because there are likely no utilities attached to the property or utilities nearby.

If you want to sell your ranch land fast, you have to appeal to ranch land buyers. Your real estate agent can help you appeal to ranch land buyers as best you can, and this guide can help you do the same. Here are ways you can get ranch land buyers to come to your property.

Promote the convenience of the land

Is your ranch land off a major highway? Does it have its own access or does it have an easement or other easy way to get to the land? Is the ranch land close to a neighboring town where the buyer will have access to gas, food, and other basic necessities on their way to or from checking on animals?

Ranch land buyers also want to know if there is water access on the land, including water rights or irrigation. The easier a ranch property is to take care of, the more ranch land buyers will be interested in it.

Choose a price point that inspires interest

You want to make money on your ranch land, but you also want to make sure you don't initially scare away the small niche of buyers you can attract by over-pricing your land or pricing it on the higher end of its market value. To get the interest of ranch land buyers, have your real estate agent do some research and evaluate the true value of your ranch land and then list the property at that amount. If there is not a lot of ranch land for sale in the area or if you have an exceptionally large amount of land to sell, you just might have ranch land buyers getting into a bidding war over your property.

Keep the land cared for

Ranch land that doesn't have broken fencing and overgrown brush is land that might sell faster. Entice ranch land buyers by making sure the land is listed with most recent pictures and have the land tended to periodically until it finally sells. With the right real estate agent and some effort on your part, you can get ranch land buyers to come your way.