Tips For Using Real Estate Photograph To Help Sell Your House

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Putting together the real estate listing for your property and really want it to stand out? The key is going to have photography that really lets your home be shown in the best way possible. Here are some tips for what you should do in terms of photography that you may not be thinking of.

Hire A Professional

Don't think that photographing your property is something that you can get away with doing on your smartphone to save money. It is worth having a professional come out to the property to take some photographs the right away. You want to get the most money possible for your property, and having photographs that showcase your property is going to help make that happen.

Declutter And Stage The Space

The key to having a good photograph will be to declutter and stage the space in the right away. This means putting things away that are normally out in the open, temporarily moving some furniture out of the way, and even positioning furniture in ways that help frame the room a bit better. You should already be decluttering the rooms since you plan on selling in the near future, and doing so will really make the rooms look more spacious to others.

Use The Right Lenses

One thing that a good real estate photographer is going to do to make your property stand out is to use the right lenses. Many small rooms are going to show better when using a wide angle lens, but it requires using the right kind that is not going to distort the shape of the room. You want the photos to show a wider field of vision, and not look as if you're looking through a fisheye lens.

Consider Drone Photography

Your photographer can only get so many feet off the ground when they photograph your property, which may be very important when attracting buyers. That is why you should consider using drone photography for the exterior. For example, if the property has a lot of surrounding land, using a drone can get an angle from high up that shows how far the property extends. A drone can also do a great job at showcasing a property from high up, show off an intricate roof in more detail, and just stand out from all other photographs in a good way since the property is not photographed using the same methods as every other home. 

Photography is just one way that you can generate interest in a home. Reach out to a realtor if you start to think, "I want to sell my home the right way."