Ways In Which Single-Family Homes Are Better Than Duplexes

Posted on: 7 April 2021

When it comes time to buy their first homes, some people look for a duplex. They plan on living in one half and renting out the other half. This approach can work, but it's not perfect, and it is not for everyone. For many people, a single-family home is the better choice. Here are some ways in which single-family homes can be better than duplexes.

You won't hear noise from the neighbors

If you live in a duplex, you may be collecting rent from the renters on the other side, but you'll also have to hear those people on the other side of the house. If they play loud music at night or have a party, then you will hear it. This can put a strain on your relationship with your neighbors, and it can simply be annoying! In a single-family home, you won't have neighbors in the same building, so you should not hear much noise. You'll get better sleep, and if you have kids, you won't have to worry about them being woken up by noises from the neighbors, either.

You won't have to share the yard or driveway

When you live in a duplex, you'll generally have to share your yard with the neighbors. This can be a bit of a bother if you both want to have a barbecue on the same day, or if your kids want to play catch while they're trying to relax and read a book. With a single-family home, the yard will be all yours, so you only have to argue with your fellow family members about how you'll use it! You can plan parties on your own schedule, and you can leave your sporting equipment up without worrying that others will use it.

You won't have to fix two residences

The cost of repairing and maintaining two residences is something that many new duplex owners don't account for. You basically have two toilets, HVAC systems, and water heaters you're responsible for! This can be a big shock if you were previously renting. With a single-family home, you only have one residence to maintain, so you're less likely to get surprised by an expensive repair. This is easier to adapt to as a new homeowner. 

While buying a duplex is a good choice for some people, it is not for everyone. Single-family homes have advantages that often make up for the fact that you won't have rent coming in from the other unit.