Things Your Realtor Does Before You List Your House For Sale

Posted on: 8 November 2021

If you want to sell your house, you might choose to list it with a real estate agency. While this is a great way to sell a home, you might need to go through some steps before listing it. The first step is to hire a realtor for help, and your realtor will assist you with the listing. Here are some of the things the realtor will do before listing your home for sale.

Schedule an Appointment to See Your House

The first thing the realtor will do is to schedule an appointment to see your house. This meeting serves several purposes, but the main one is for the realtor to see your house. The realtor needs to see your home to suggest changes and determine its value. This meeting might last for an hour or two, as the agent will want to see every part of your house and talk to you about the sale.

Research Your Home and the Current Market

Either before or after the meeting, your realtor will research your home and the current real estate market. The purpose of this is to see how much your home is worth right now. This information helps you come up with the right asking price to place on the home listing.

Ask You Questions About the House

You can expect your agent to ask you a lot of questions about your house during this meeting. The agent might ask you about the ages of the systems and defects the home has. They will also ask you to describe all the top features your home offers, including any upgrades you made to it.

Wait for You to Make the Necessary Changes

After this meeting takes place, the agent might wait to create the listing agreement until you complete the necessary changes. You might have one or two changes to make or many, but you will likely have some work to do before putting the home on the market.

Take Pictures and Create the Listing

Finally, the agent will take pictures of your home and create the listing. Once this occurs, your home will be for sale, and potential buyers will likely start inquiring about your house.

During the listing appointment, your realtor will ask you to sign a listing agreement, too. This agreement is a contract that outlines the details of the home sale. If you have questions about listing your home, contact an agent today.

For more information on what a realtor will do before listing your home, contact a professional near you.