3 Proven Ways To Generate Home Seller Leads

Posted on: 29 December 2021

One of the most challenging aspects of selling real estate is generating sales leads. After all, you can have the best sales and negotiating skills, but if you can't generate quality leads, then you won't have any properties to sell.

Thankfully, there are many proven ways to easily generate high-quality leads. Below are three of the most popular.

#1: Work Your Contact Lists

Whether you are an experienced broker or new agent, you already have contact lists on your phone and email for all of the people in your life. Now is a great time to get in contact to say hello.

Let each person know you've been thinking about them and when the conversation turns to your professional lives, casually mention you welcome referrals if they know anyone looking to sell.

Even though most of the people you reach out to won't be interested in selling their own home, a few will know someone they can refer to you. And, as an added bonus, your effort to keep in touch may make friends and family think of you later down the road when they do decide to sell.

#2: Make Sharable Content for Social Media

Social media has an amazing ability to easily reach large numbers of people. As a sales professional, you should be taking full advantage of this reach to help you:

  • sell properties
  • generate seller leads
  • generate buyer leads 

Since you need to advertise the properties you are selling anyway, make sure you put out sharable, high-quality ads on social media aimed not only at selling the property but also generating new seller and buyer leads at the same time.

The goal of your ads should not only be to showcase the property, but also to showcase your overall professionalism and skills as an agent.

#3: Purchase Real Estate Leads

Finally, whether you are a new real estate agent or seasoned broker, you always have the option to purchase home seller leads. There are many companies that specialize in generating quality real estate leads and selling them to brokers and agents. 

Purchasing leads from a third party saves you a lot of time. Armed with a list of customers potentially looking to sell their homes, you can quickly make contact and schedule listing appointments.

All the time you save from not having to generate your own leads allows you more time for actively selling property and increasing your income!

For more information on real estate leads, contact a company like Agent’s Corner.