What To Look For When Viewing Student Housing

Posted on: 2 May 2022

To make an informed decision when selecting student housing, it is important to consider several factors. Here is a checklist of what to look for in a student living space.


One of the major concerns when selecting student housing is safety and convenience. Therefore, you should opt for student rental properties that you feel are comfortable and safe. To get a good look at the location, take a stroll around the neighborhood. As you stroll, consider whether you feel safe and check if the roads are in good condition. Similarly, consider the available means of transport and proximity to your college.

Pest Concerns

A pest-infested student housing can be unwelcoming. Therefore, ensure you look around for signs of slugs, cockroaches, and rodents when viewing student housing. Some of the areas to be keen on include areas around the bin, kitchen cupboards, and the attic for signs of pigeon nests and waste droppings. 

Safety and Security

When viewing student housing, safety and security within the student rental property should always be a concern. Look for a student rental property equipped with burglar alarm systems and secure doors and windows. Similarly, check whether the property has code systems at the entry point. All these measures are important as they keep opportunistic burglars off the property. In addition, research about the safety of the neighborhood. Finally, settle for student residential properties close to the main roads since they tend to be safer.

Property Insulation

Look for signs of poor house insulation as it points to higher energy bills. This can be a serious concern if utility bills are not covered in your rent. Look for student rental properties with:

  • Roof insulation
  • Double or triple glazed window panes
  • A reliable heating system
  • Doors and windows are in good condition

What Does the Rent Cover?  

It is important to ask what is included and not included in your rent. Usually, most student rental properties offer bills inclusive rent options. Here your rent includes gas, electricity and water bills. Additionally, ask what is included within the property. For example, test whether all domestic appliances and devices function properly if the student property is fully furnished. Also, check on the condition of the available furniture. If you are not comfortable with the condition of the sofa or bed, request a new one before signing the tenancy agreement.

Above are the essential things you should look for when viewing student housing. Ensure you check for proper insulation, security measures, signs of pest infestation, and ask what is included in your rent before signing any tenancy agreement.