Have Loud Family And Friends? 4 Tips For Choosing An Ideal Wedding Venue

Posted on: 20 July 2022

When you think about your wedding, you may expect a loud reception because you know your family and friends can make a lot of noise from excitement and socializing. You might also think your ceremony will be a little louder than the typical one. These things are worth considering when you start planning the wedding and going through private event venue options.

Inside or Outside

One of the most important and impactful decisions is choosing inside and outside. An outdoor wedding allows sound to travel everywhere, minimizing how loud the wedding feels. At the same time, you might be most interested in an indoor wedding for the other qualities.

Venue Size

A possible solution to reducing how loud an indoor wedding feels is picking the correct size. For instance, you can pick a venue with a maximum capacity around what you plan on having. A better option is to use a large venue to help with noise congestion. This way, you can space out everything from food stations to reception tables to allow for loud conversation.

This extra space will likely make everyone feel more comfortable at the wedding. You will also find it easier to hear what people are saying while at your table throughout the reception.


Considering privacy is important because you want to maximize confidence at your wedding. For instance, you might know that your family and friends might hesitate to be themselves when they are in a public setting with potential strangers around watching the experience. This makes it worth prioritizing a private wedding venue where guests will not have these concerns.

Noise Concerns

A private venue far from anything else is an easy solution to possible noise concerns. But you may find many venues close to the public, businesses, and residential areas. You might want to prioritize a wedding venue in which you do not have to tell your guests to quiet down.

This makes it important to discuss your specific situation with venue employees while on the phone or during a tour to envision what your wedding might look like accurately. An optimal choice is a venue that welcomes family and friends who can get a bit loud during social events.

Picking a wedding venue with your wants and needs in mind is complex. When you also want to consider loud guests, you can pick an ideal venue by using these tips during the search.