Questions To Ask When Hiring A Realtor For Home Sale

Posted on: 29 December 2022

Do you want to list and sell your home in the next few months? Do you want a stress-free sale? These are both excellent goals, but both require hiring the right realtor. You can choose the one you hire, but you might want to ask some questions before your selection. Here are some of the best ones to ask a realtor when hiring one for a home sale.

How long have you worked in this industry? 

First, you need an experienced realtor. So you can ask about their experience. A great question is asking how long they've worked as a realtor. You should try to find one that has at least a few years of experience. This experience helps the realtor assist you with your home sale.

How many homes do you currently have listed?

Next, you can ask about their workload. For example, asking how many listings they have can help you determine if they have enough time to help you. You might want to choose a different realtor if this one has no listings. After all, how can a good realtor have no listings? But you might not want one with 20 listings. The agent might be too busy to help you if they have this many listings.

How many homes did you sell this year?

You can learn about their services by asking how many homes they closed last year. For example, you'll know it's a good agent if they closed on 20 homes or more. However, even 10 homes is good for many agents.

How much do you charge for the services?

You might also ask about the fees. How much will this realtor charge for the services? You'll learn the percentage the realtor uses. This percentage tells you how much you'll pay based on the selling price of your home.

Do you think this house will sell fast?

It might also be helpful to ask the realtor if they think your house will sell fast. The agent can give you first-hand information about the real estate market. This information can help you understand what to expect when selling your home at this time.

Learn more about realtors

You can learn more about local realtors by contacting a firm. You can meet with one agent or many and ask questions to learn more. Are you ready to list your house with the right realtor? If so, start searching today.